While the temperature inside your home is paramount to your comfort, your indoor air quality plays an integral role in your safety and health! That’s why our team at Hollywood Air offers comprehensive indoor air quality services in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas.

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General Questions

Do you know what is in the air you breathe! As we spend the majority of our lives inside our homes, it only makes sense to safeguard our air supply from harmful and unwanted contaminants. We install premium whole-home air purification systems that effectively capture and eliminate a wide range of pollutants. Viruses, mold spores, dust, dander, bacteria, and VOCs are just some the contaminants that an air purifier can protect you and your family from.

Having the right amount of humidity in your home can greatly improve your comfort! Low humidity isn’t just bad for your furniture and upholstery, it’s also a source of dry skin and hair, among other uncomfortable side effects. Plus, low humidity can actually make your home feel colder during the winter, and be a haven for thriving bacterial and virus growth. We install quality humidifiers to keep your home at ideal humidity levels, and ensure your comfort all year round.

Having a quality UV light installed in your HVAC system is highly effective way to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria and mold. We can help you determine if a UV light is right for your specific situation, and provide an honest price quote to help you make a decision. Our team installs premium UV lights for our customers that are durable, effective, and long-lasting.
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